Sunday, October 30, 2011


Tomorrow is Halloween and I really enjoy the evening.  I like to hand out the candy and check out all the cute and scary costumes.  Today I decided to take advantage of the spare time I had and carve a pumpkin. 

I haven't done this in years.  I picked up a carving set at Walgreens.  I carved out the bottom of the pumpking and scooped out the inside.  That is my least favorite job.  My Dad laughed at me the entire time I was doing that, apparantly I was making some funny faces when I would get the nasty stuff under my nails. I like having the hole in the bottom, I can sit "Jackie" the jack-o-lantern over the candle.

The carving set I bought had some stickers of different facial features and shapes to use as patterns.  I chose the ones I wanted and placed them on "Jackie".

Then I carved around the stickers.

When I was finished, Jackie went to her home on our front porch.

Check back tomorrow for a "BOO"tiful t-shirt.

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